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NOTE:  Self Protection Products such as Personal Alarms and Pepper Spray will help keep your children safe and secure from any bad guys out there.  Many of our kids walk to and from school.  Unfortunately, the bad guys know this too and are just waiting for some unsuspecting child walking alone!  Don't let your child be a victim of a crime. 

No child should be at risk anywhere at any time.  Keep your children safe with Self Protection Products.

Home Security Products such as Motion Detectors, Diversion Safes, Door Alarms, Dummy Cameras and much more give your home or apartment protection from any bad guys that are trying to ruin your day.

REMEMBER:  These amazing Home Security Products and
Self Protection Products are GREAT FOR GIFTS --
a gift of safety is a gift of love!

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Home Security Products will give your home the protection from burglars or any other people who want to cause trouble in your home and ruin your day. 

Home Security Products such as Motion DetectorsDoor Alarms,Diversion SafesCan SafesDummy Cameras and more are inexpensive but very effective Home Security Products which will protect you, your home, office, warehouse, and even your storage locker.

Self Protection Products are exactly what you need if you ever find yourself in a threatening situation from some bad guys who want to do you harm. Pepper Spray and Personal Alarms are Self Protection Products that will stop your attacker in his tracks, giving you time to get away and call 911 so that the police can catch this creep.

Home Security Products and Self Protection Products are fantastic devices to keep you, your home and your office safe and secure from any bad guys. 

Let’s face it – crime is on the rise and home invasions are happening all too often. 

Here’s something to ask yourself -- do you really feel safe and secure in your home, especially at night?  Do you cringe every time you hear a noise downstairs?  Are you uncomfortable walking to your car at night, especially in an unlit parking lot?

Don’t worry if you said ‘yes’ to any of these scenarios because it is a natural response of most people to feel fear when they are threatened.

Home Security Products and Self Protection Products will help you turn your fear into action.  If someone is trying to break into your house, then your Door Alarm will sound a loud alarm giving you time to call 911 as well as prepare yourself with your Pepper Spray, just in case you encounter the creep. 

What about walking at night?  Your best bet is carrying a Personal Alarm and a Pepper Spray.  Both of these Self Protection Products will help you avoid any trouble with anyone trying to do you harm.  If you see trouble coming, then just set off the very loud alarm from your Personal Alarm.  The sound will grab anyone’s attention and just might scare the bad guy away. 

If you're still in danger, you should have your Pepper Spray ready, just in case he tries to get up close and personal.  One or two squirts in his face and he will be the one screaming bloody murder because his eyes and throat will be burning severely and his nose will be copiously running with a tremendous amount of discharge so he’ll be in no condition to bother you anymore.

Here’s a thing to remember:  do NOT stand there and admire your work after you’ve sprayed your attacker.  Call 911 and get the heck out of there because he might do something unexpected like charging you or swinging his arms at you -- so you don’t want to be around in case he does.

Home Security Products and Self Protection Products are inexpensive but VERY effective.  There are a number of these products designed for your home, office, warehouse and even rental and vacation homes. 

We at Feel Safe and Secure Now have chosen some of the best Home Security Products and Self Protection Products on the market and offer them to you on our website.  And, because of the monetary situation that many people are in today, most of our products with the exception of our Nanny Cameras and other Wireless Security products are below $50!

Home Security Products will give your home the protection from any bad guys that are trying to ruin your day.  Motion Detectors, Door Alarms, Diversion Safes, Dummy Cameras and more are just a few of these products that will protect your home or office from burglars.

Home Security Products such as Door Alarms and Window Alarms are a must for each home.  However, too many people will get a Door Alarm and attach it to their front door and feel safe.  But what about the back door?  Many burglars ‘case’ your house before they enter and will know exactly where to get in without being detected.  And many times this is through the back door.

And don’t forget about your windows, especially on the first floor.  This is a prime place for burglars to get into your home.  A $10 Window Alarm on your child’s room could be the difference between a kidnapping or not!  You should have a window alarm on each window of your first floor.

Diversion Safes and Can Safes are another example of a Home Security Product but this device is different from many other products because it will keep your valuables safe while in plain sight!

Huh, what's that you say?

That’s right – these amazing Home Security Products are actual items that you generally see around the house or garage every day but when this item is hollowed out, weighted and given a screw top or bottom by the manufacturer, it becomes a Diversion Safe

Now you can hide anything that will fit – money, keys, credit cards, notes, jewelry, watches – it’s up to you.  No burglar will want to spend the time shaking everything that they see in the house, especially if you blend these items with others that look like them, e.g. put a 7-UP Soda Can Safe in with your other real 7-UP cans on your shelf.

Other types of Home Security Products are Dummy (Fake or Imitation) Cameras which look exactly like a real surveillance camera but do not actually work.  Many of them have flashing lights, LED lights and even contain a motion detector which allows them to swivel.  Thieves and burglars won’t know if they are ‘on camera’ or not and don’t want to find out so they will leave your house untouched and go look for easier places to rob.

One of our best selling Home Security Products is the Driveway Patrol Alert which is a motion detector in two parts:  a transmitter and a receiver.  With this device you will be alerted by a soft chime if there is motion in or outside your house but the intruder won’t hear the alarm and therefore will not know that he has been detected.  Now you can decide whether or not it's necessary to call 911.  

This Driveway Patrol Alert is effective up to 400 feet but the beauty of this product, besides not alerting the person detected, is that the alarm won’t disturb the rest of the house when the alarm is set off.  This is great if you have small children or elderly parents who you don’t want to scare.  On the other hand, you can also use this device to notify you without anyone else knowing if your kids are out of their room or your parents are on the prowl.

Self Protection Products will keep you one step ahead of your attackers. Pepper Spray and Personal Alarms are Self Protection Products that will stop your attacker in his tracks when you are in a treatening situation. 

Here’s an example:  suppose you’re a jogger and someone stopped you and you knew that you were in trouble.  If you were carrying a Self Protection device such as Pepper Spray as well as a Personal Alarm, the attacker would scram very fast!

Don’t Be the Next Victim!

Home Security Products when combined with Self Protection Products are double protection against anyone who tries to break into your home or wants to get rough with you or your family. 

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